I formerly posted on a Politics Forum on an online newspaper website.  Being part of the left-wing media, the website did not like conservative ideas.  The website had moderators that deleted conservative posts.  So I started this blog.

I have posted a lot of those posts on this blog.  They are all dated before March 1, 2015.  If you look at those posts, you will see that I used to use the normal term “liberals” for the left-wing posters.  But since what they believe does not promote liberality, but rather totalitarianism, I decided to start calling them “tyrants” rather than “liberals”.

One poster on the forum liked to refer to what he called Baal Capitalism.  Baal was a false god in the Bible.  I think what he was trying to convey with the word Baal was that Capitalism is a false God.  Since I believe big government is a false god, I started referring to crony capitalism as Baal Capitalism and socialism as Baal Socialism.

If you click on the CANON tab, you will see how I combined the terms Baal Capitalism and Baal Socialism along with tyranny to define Baal Tyranny.

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