Monday, April 20, 2015

More insight into why Pope Francis’ pursuit of “social justice”

 “Many of Bergoglio’s fellow Jesuits believed they had a postconciliar mandate to make the pursuit of social justice the order’s organizing mission. In Latin America, the emerging Big Idea for what this meant was liberation theology, which promoted a synthesis between Gospel faith and Marxist-flavored political activism. Argentina’s provincial, the head of the country’s Jesuits, Ricardo O’Farrell, offered encouragement to these ideas. He backed priests who essentially wanted to live as political organizers among Argentina’s poor. He also supported a syllabus rewrite that was “heavy on sociology and Hegelian dialectics,” as Ivereigh describes it, and lighter on traditional Catholic elements.”

I touched on the Hegelian dialectics in one of those posts that I copied from my Politics Forum posts.  The post is about halfway down the list of posts copied  February, 2015.  The title is “Thank you, Sponge, for that post.”  If Pope Francis believes in Hegelian dialectics, his beliefs are even scarier than I thought.  Read in that post what Hegel believed.

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