Friday, March 13, 2015

Is Pope Francis’ church like Obama’s church?

”perhaps the most liberal of the Mainline Protestant American denominations?”

“his relationship with the UCC represents the perfect marriage of church and politician.”

“it draws on selective Christian teachings and selective Christian traditions to provide general spiritual comfort and, specifically, to inspire its members to progressive social activism.”

“The result of this theology is a transition of focus from a relationship with the divine to a relationship with man, and to advocacy of very specific social policies.”

“Accepting love requires a form of justice that is inclusive of all people, particularly those who in some way have been marginalized by oppressive social practice.”

“The mission of the Church is, therefore, to see that those who have been rejected are included, for justice as inclusion defines public policy.”

“The result is a practical equivalence between the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and a particular form of social justice.”

President Obama’s church, at its core, is thoroughly and officially invested in politics.

“the church connects members to far-left social-justice resources.”

“There is remarkable conformity, in fact, between President Obama’s words and policies and his church’s official positions on public policy — a level of conformity that would cause alarms to ring across the progressive spectrum if there were similar Evangelical church statements to which a conservative president adhered.”

“The UCC and the rest of the Protestant Mainline offer little religion in the classical sense, but rather spiritualized politics supplemented with personal inspiration and self-created meaning — inspiration and meaning that they believe can be gained from virtually any other major religion.”

“But when it comes to his civic religion, President Obama is his church’s — and liberal Christianity’s — great and mighty instrument.”

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