Thursday, May 14, 2015

Preparing for the big Tyrant Conclave

OK, first of all, the conservative does not think social policy begins and ends with the family.  It begins and ends with God.  And it is probably informative to note that that probably did not occur to Obama.

So speaking of Obama, Elie said “As he stated the ideal, he embodied it, at once setting out an argument for higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans and speaking with authority about the ways in which the poverty of many black Americans is intertwined with family structure, the absence of black fathers (and wage-earners), in particular.”  So that shows Obama’s thinking on the subject.  Of course, being a Baal Tyrant, he thinks of higher taxes on the free market capitalists, while blaming the victims of his policies (black fathers) for the poverty of the black families (much like in the O’Reilly Spin Zone – see my post at the bottom of the list of May posts).  To Elie, that shows how Obama has raised our expectations for cultural literacy and intellectual sophistication in the White House.

Since this was “one in a series of events intended to unpack the Catholic social teachings at the root of Pope Francis’s pontificate”, I don’t know that they are far removed from their goal.

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