Monday, August 17, 2015

More about the Tyrant Theologian’s visit

Perhaps you've heard, Pope Francis is coming to Washington.

He seeks out the poor and vulnerable, not the rich and powerful (like a Democrat or RINO?  wink, wink).

Now it seems the only thing Congress agrees on is they need advice from this pope.

There is great anticipation. One of the hardest decisions for members of Congress is who will get their one place in the gallery when the Pope speaks.

Capitol Hill is “demoralized” in deeper ways. It lacks moral direction, serving powerful interests rather than the common good.  I agree with that one.

Many Democrats defend Planned Parenthood, dismissing horrific evidence that reveals more clearly than ever the humanity of the unborn child, the brutal violence of abortion and the dehumanizing attitudes of the abortion industry.  I agree that that is true, also.

Pope Francis is likely to repeat his admonition, It is not ‘progressive’ to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life”.  And, of course, progressivism is the ideal in Pope Francis’ mind.

In the Philippines he urged that “the poor be treated fairly—their dignity be respected, that political and economic policies be just and inclusive.”  I already discussed Pope Francis’ view of dignity in the post “Pope Francis vs. Justice Clarence Thomas” on July 13, 2015 on this blog.

In Latin America he said,“certainly every country needs economic growth and the creation of wealth, but creation of this wealth must always be at the service of the common good, and not only for the benefit of a few."  And that can be achieved best via free market capitalism.  “Service of the common good” are code words for Baal Socialism – which leads to benefit of a few.

Everywhere, he calls for respect for family life, defense of religious freedom and care for God’s creation.  “Care of God’s creation” is talking about the global warming hoax.

Pope Francis will affirm our founding principles, applaud our diversity and deliver a message of responsibility, the opportunity and obligation to use our freedom, power and resources to build a nation and world of greater justice, solidarity and peace.  “Justice” to the pope means “social justice”, or in other words Baal Socialism.

He will come to Washington through Havana, reinforcing his call for dialogue over confrontation.  No, we wouldn’t want to confront our dear Communist leaders in Havana.

He will meet with bishops.  The “selected” bishops?  Surely not ones that believe in God being the god of this country.

After addressing the United Nations… Obama has shown the way to get things done when congress will not act.

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