Friday, August 21, 2015

NCRonline article on the Tyrant Theologian’s visit

“Pope Francis’ speech in Strasbourg touched on the need for all politics to be grounded in, and directed towards, the transcendent dignity of the human person.”

I already discussed Pope Francis’ view of dignity in the post “Pope Francis vs. Justice Clarence Thomas” on July 13, 2015 on this blog.

“As well, he emphasized the importance of the common good over against all national and ethnic and economic interests.”

Whenever Pope Francis talks about “the common good”, he is talking about Baal Socialism.  This says he will emphasize it over all national and economic interests.  To me, that means even though free market capitalism is the best for our national and economic interests, he will talk against that.

“The Vatican is acutely aware of the polarization in U.S. politics. As far back as the 1930s, with the rise of totalitarian regimes in Europe, the Holy See has come to see the value of our often sloppy experiment in democracy. The need to overcome polarization and orient our political life towards the common good will likely be the centerpiece of the pope’s address to Congress.”

I’m not sure what you are talking about when you talk about “our often sloppy experiment in democracy” “as far back as the 1930s”, but let me take a shot at what you mean:  “polarization in U.S. politics” was overcome in the 1930s by the president installing Baal Socialism to provide for “the common good”.

“The third theme he will address, both at the White House and the Congress, will be poverty and the economy of exclusion. Again, I think his words will be more measured than those he delivered in Bolivia. (I also suspect Speaker of the House will not present the pope with a crucifix in which the corpus is nailed to a hammer and sickle!)”

That is probably true, since John Boehner is all for Baal Tyranny.

“As much as I do not anticipate a confrontational speech before Congress, this wily old Jesuit will find a way to remind Americans that the Gospel demands a preferential option for the poor, not the middle class, still less the upper middle class.”

Do you suppose he will invoke his theme of “the poverty of Christ” (see “Pope Francis doesn’t get the gospel” posted June 24, 2015 on this blog).  I don’t remember seeing “middle class” or “upper middle class” in the Gospel, but I do see a lot about spiritual poverty.

“The speech in Washington that most interests me will be delivered at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, when the Holy Father speaks to the U.S. bishops. The pope is surely aware that there is a significant percentage of bishops in the U.S. who do not much like him. And, in many other instances, this pope has demonstrated a willingness to call out the clergy for not living up to the rigorous demands of the Gospel.”

Since his “Gospel” is about the materially poor rather than the spiritually poor, I can understand why the clergy does not live up to his rigorous demands.

“Certainly, there is no country on the planet in which Catholic identity has been more thoroughly infused with Jansenistic tendencies, tendencies that could not be more alien to Pope Francis. For “church watchers” that will be the speech that we most anticipate.”

Do the Jansenistic tendencies include the facts about original sin, human depravity, and the necessity of divine grace?  Is that what is alien to Pope Francis?  If so, it is true, as a “church watcher”, that will be the speech that I most anticipate.

“In New York, two themes emerge, the environment, linked to the issue of sustainable development, and inter-religious dialogue, and both of these issues, in turn, craft a thid: peace. The pope’s speech to the U.N. will doubtlessly reiterate many of the themes articulated in Laudato Si’ urging the world community to take effective and immediate steps to address the threats posed by climate change and other varieties of environmental degradation.”

So it is at this point that he will take up the topic of the global warming hoax.

“As a whole, for EWTN fans or First Things readers, the papal visit will be a sign of contradiction to their normal programming. Raymond Arroyo is rather fond of hosting opponents of immigration reform and climate change skeptics on his show. First Things and other venues of opposition highlight those who abet the idolatry of the market the pope condemns. The pope’s simple liturgical style will drive the trads crazy. And, of course, there will be plenty to annoy the hard left too. Next week I will look in greater detail at the challenge Pope Francis poses to both the Catholic Left and the Catholic Right in this country.”

Can’t wait.

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