Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Time to find a replacement for Hillary


Since this comes from the left, I would say that it corresponds to the Corollary to my RINO Theorem.  They say the Clintons want Bush to win the nomination because he is easy to beat.  They are posting this because Hillary’s prospects are not looking too good right now, and there aren’t any other Democrats that are going to beat the Republican nominee, so they want to promote the one they like best.  They do that by talking about the things they like best about the RINO they like best.

My RINO Theorem is in my post “What’s going on with the Democrat Baal Tyrants?” which I posted on this blog March 5, 2015.  The Corollary to my RINO Theorem, which I occasionally posted on the Politics Forum, is “Leftists are happy to have RINO win elections.”

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