Thursday, June 11, 2015

Détente Plus Monumental Trans-Pacific Union

“In an interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, Sessions suggested Obama wants to create ‘another monumental trans-Pacific organization’ along the lines of the European Union using so-called ‘trade promotion authority.’”

“President Obama, I believe, has never been really interested in trade.  I think what his legacy vision is — he’s created another monumental trans-Pacific organization that has Australia, the sultan of Brunei, Vietnam all in this, and it has the ability to add new members, and he’s even talked about adding China into this agreement,’ Sessions said.”

So Détente Plus (see prior post) partners Obama with Putin, the Trade Promotion Authority partners Obama with Pacific Rim nations (including potentially China), and the Iran Deal partners Obama with the Iranian regime.  Obama needs to get these things passed soon because he only has 19 months left to set up his world-wide Baal Tyranny.



    "establish an international partnership"

    “partnership” is the word Obama likes to use for his crony relationships. (see my post entitled “Obama’s moral obligation” that I copied from my Politics Forum posts. The post is about a third of the way from the bottom of the list of posts copied February, 2015).


    Note the next-to-last paragraph: “Last week, the New York Times reported that the administration resisted confronting China on its authorship of the hacking of sensitive U.S. personnel information partly out of concern about China’s role as a negotiating partner on the Iran deal. No doubt the Iran negotiations contributed to Obama’s reluctance to confront Vladimir Putin’s -aggression in Ukraine. And to Obama’s tacit acceptance of continued Iranian support for the Taliban and al Qaeda; his passivity as he watched the unfolding -slaughter in Syria; his acquiescence in Qassem -Suleimani’s expansive role in Syria, Iraq, and beyond; and his refusal to provide arms directly to the Kurds and to the Sunnis.”



    Don’t bother watching the video. Just read the article. Why does Obama partner with our enemies and not our friends?


    So the Washington Post expects a Baal Tyrant to require alleviation of a partner dictator’s repression.


    The devil is not in the details. It’s in the entire conception of the Iran deal, animated by President Obama’s fantastical belief that he, uniquely, could achieve DETENTE with a fanatical Islamist regime.


    “The ones I spoke with credit the Obama administration with the right basic strategy in its ‘pivot’ to Asia, but they fault it for little follow-up and poor implementation.”

    I think things are progressing just fine, thank you.

    “What makes dealing with China’s growing influence in Asia especially tricky is that a good part of it is inevitable and could be benign. China is the largest trading partner of almost all Asian economies as well as Australia. Its increased involvement in the region could be a win-win.”



    Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory Fourth of July message to President Obama and expressed confidence that their respective countries can work together on global issues.

    "Russian-American relations remain the most important factor of international stability and security,” Putin told Obama.



    More on the implementation of worldwide Baal Tyranny: according to Obama, investment in education is the answer to “ISIL”. “We’re working with Iraq and the United Nations to help communities rebuild the security, services, and governance that they need. Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they’re defeated by better ideas, a more attractive and more compelling vision. So, the United States will continue to do our part by working with partners to counter ISIL’s hateful propaganda, especially online. Around the world we’re also going to insist on partnering with Muslim communities as they seek security, prosperity, and the dignity that they deserve. This larger battle for hearts and minds is going to be generational struggle. It will be up to governments to address the political and economic grievances that terrorists exploit, nations that empower citizens to decide their own destiny, that uphold human rights for all their people, that invest in education, and create opportunities for their young people, those can be powerful antidotes to extremist ideologies. Those are the countries that will find a true partner in the United States.”

    Notice the use of the word “partner” and compare that to what I said about “partner” in the first comment in this thread.



    Does Ben Sasse not understand that RINO like Baal Tyranny also?


    President Barack Obama heralded a historic nuclear agreement with Iran Tuesday as an opportunity for the longtime foes to move in a "new direction."
    For Obama, the accord marks the fulfillment of one of his top foreign policy goals.
    He suggested a breakthrough on the nuclear issue could pave the way for a broader shift in relations between the U.S. and Iran.
    "This deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction," Obama said. "We should seize it."


    Leslie Gelb is the author of Détente Plus (see prior post).

    “According to top administration officials, Mr. Obama has always been after something much bigger than capping Iran’s nuclear program, and he got it—the strategic opportunity to begin converting Iran from foe to ‘friend.’”
    “To a large segment of foreign policy specialists and diplomats, such strategic openings are the very stuff of diplomacy, the real basis for reducing conflict and danger between nations, for putting the use of nuclear weapons into the background. But it seems for most politicians and legislators in Congress, these perspectives are too iffy and in the case of Iran, naïve.”
    “So, as Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Sunday, the deal will be a ‘hard sell’ in Congress. And these opponents won’t be moved by the fact that the vast majority of Iranians seek close relations with the U.S.—just as they closed their eyes to popular wishes in Mr. Obama’s opening to Cuba.”


    “We are satisfied that the solution found is based on the principle of phasing and mutuality which our country has been consistently supporting at every stage of these complicated negotiations,” says Vlad Putin, the leader of the country that made Iranian nuclear power a possibility.


    “Foreign investors will encounter cash-strapped Iranian state agencies eager to accept funds and technology to jump-start the exploitation of oil (Iran has the world's fourth-largest proven reserves), gas (second-largest proven reserves), and rare earth minerals (7 percent of the world's proven reserves). After years of sluggish contributions to the world's energy supply chain, Iran could swiftly emerge as the principal consistent provider of power for the European Union and for China.”

    Notice who the foreign investors invest with: Iranian state agencies. (Baal Capitalism)

    “Even the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which by augmenting its military mandate has become the major industrial conglomerate in Iran, valued at over $150 billion, could reap signifiant fiscal benefits from associating with Western corporations. Such partnerships would enhance the IRGC's clout, not only within Iran but far beyond as well - perhaps even turning it into a multinational company.”

    “Due to decades of pent-up consumer demand, post-sanctions Iran will become a major emerging market for foreign exporters catering to luxury markets such as high fashion, fast cars, and the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery. Foreign suppliers will find lucrative sales markets in the hitherto moribund pharmaceutical, information technology, and aviation sectors (aircraft average age is 35 years and airport equipment dates from the 1970s).”

    “The nuclear accord is a triumph as well for Presidents Obama and Rouhani, both of whom staked their political prestige on it. Rouhani will surely seek to push through economic, social, and political reforms in the wake of this agreement to cement his re-election in 2017. Obama may attempt to buttress his own legacy by building upon the agreement.”

    “President Obama might even be tempted to duplicate his Cuba diplomatic venture by seeking to reestablish full relations with Iran.”


    “Iran, for its part, has been stressing the economic and stability benefits of the agreement. President Hassan Rouhani emphasized to his nation: ‘We are on the brink of a new era in the international community.’”

    “Russia is one superpower whose stance is as clear as that of many developing countries. President Vladimir Putin has declared that relations with Iran ‘will receive a new impetus and will no longer be influenced by external factors.’”

    “China is another superpower that warmly welcomed the deal as a ‘historic day.’ China, like Russia, plans to sell civilian nuclear plants to Iran and is in talks to invest in gas, oil and rare earth mineral mines in Iran. Beijing, which imports more than 500,000 barrels of Iranian crude a day despite the sanctions, also hopes to have fewer problems fueling its economy.”

    “Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, however, is less fearful of this threat and more focused on pitching economic welfare to American voters. She described it as ‘an important step’ — one that she helped set the groundwork for as secretary of state.”

    Hillary Clinton helped set the groundwork -- now we know Baal Capitalism is involved.


    “Even if Congress rejects the agreement, do you think the Europeans, the Chinese or the Russians will reinstate sanctions? The result: The United States is left isolated while the rest of the world does thriving business with Iran.”

    Hasn’t Charles noticed how Obama gets things done? The United States will not be left isolated while the rest of the world does thriving business with Iran. Obama will not let his Baal Tyranny only apply to the rest of the world.

    “Iran will be flush with cash, legitimized as a normal international actor in good standing, recognized (as Obama once said) as ‘a very successful regional power.’”

  20. From above: Hasn’t Charles noticed how Obama gets things done?

    The ABC reporter, Jon Karl, asked, "But the bottom line, the UN is going to vote on this before Congress gets to vote on this?"
    "Well, they have a right to do that, honestly. It is presumptuous of some people to say that France, Russia, China, Germany, Britain ought to do what the Congress tells them to do," said Kerry. "They have a right to have a vote.



    The government office set up to independently grade global efforts to fight human trafficking was repeatedly overruled by senior American diplomats.

    As a result, not only Malaysia, Cuba and China, but countries such as India, Uzbekistan and Mexico, wound up with better grades than the State Department’s human-rights experts wanted to give them.

    State Department officials say the ratings are not politicized.

    The Malaysian upgrade, which was highly criticized by human rights groups, could smooth the way for an ambitious proposed U.S.-led free-trade deal with the Southeast Asian nation and 11 other countries.

    Ending Communist-ruled Cuba’s 12 years on the report’s blacklist came as the two nations reopened embassies on each other’s soil following their historic détente over the past eight months.

    And for China, the experts’ recommendation to downgrade it to the worst ranking, Tier 3, was overruled despite the report’s conclusion that Beijing did not undertake increased anti-trafficking efforts.

    That would have put China alongside the likes of Syria and North Korea, regarded by the United Nations as among the world’s worst human right abusers.

    If Malaysia had remained on Tier 3, it would have posed a potential barrier to Obama's proposed trade pact, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That deal is a crucial part of his pivot to Asia policy.



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