Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Détente Plus

“Détente Plus would not treat Russia as an enemy, but as a combination of adversary and partner. Détente Plus would exceed the arms-control focus of the past and address first-rank political matters in Europe and worldwide. It would recognize a wide range of common and overlapping interests, solving both Russian and American problems.”

“The world would be watching as the two powers devised common solutions to common problems.”

“Moscow would have to benefit tangibly as well, mainly in improved economic prospects and assuaged political concerns.”

“At its root, the Cold War was a story of two goliaths, each attempting to impose its vision of the world and its values on the other. Détente diplomacy in this era essentially strove to keep conflicts within bounds, particularly avoiding nuclear confrontation. The context for twenty-first-century Détente Plus is quite different. There is nothing resembling the old worldwide political and ideological clash. A good case can be made now that these two powers have more shared interests than conflicting ones. Based on this reality, Détente Plus has to make that cooperation possible. It has to create a concept and a procedure for fixing problems together that can’t be managed separately.”

All this is coming together nicely:  Putin, Obama, Pope Francis, and their mutual interest of “social justice”.

See my post “Obama’s Holy War” which I posted on June 6 and the comments I entered underneath that post.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of the meeting of Putin with Pope Francis today.

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