Thursday, June 25, 2015


Baal Supreme Court Chief Injustice:  “Obamacare is about improving health insurance markets”.  Role changes:  Roberts is now an economist, not a judge.  I think real economists would disagree that Obamacare has improved markets.  And if not an economist, Roberts is a politician.  And Gruber, the architect, is a liar.  And the president is a monarch.

Baal Socialism’s great appeal = “getting something to become part of society and having it accepted.  And then once something is in place, such as Obamacare, to use that as an example here, once it's in place, people generally don't complain.”

“Conservatism on a daily basis becomes an argument over how to make socialism work better, not an argument over whether we should get rid of all this or not and replace it with free market entrepreneurism.”  This is what tyrant fascism is.

"’Hospital, insurance stocks surging.’ You've heard the old saw, you want to answer most any question, follow the money. Is that ever true in politics. It is apparent the Republican Party right now is, as Senator Cruz points out, the Republican Party is far more loyal to lobbyists, donors, money people than they are constituents, than they are voters.”  (Baal Capitalism)

“Stocks for insurance companies and hospitals are skyrocketing. There's a clear benefit to certain people that has nothing to do with politics, resulting from this decision. ‘But, Rush, but, Rush, are you saying that moneyed interests could somehow get to a chief justice or any justice on the US Supreme Court?’"  Is Roberts, the economist, benefiting from Baal Capitalism?

“Congress passed Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets. Well, right now health insurance markets, Bloomberg, June 21st: "Biggest Health Insurers to Get Even Bigger Under Obamacare," for a while. For a while they will because they're being weeded out. There are fewer and fewer of them. That's why you can't do better on premiums. There's fewer places for you to go shop. It's just that simple.”  That is Baal Capitalism – the free market capitalist is squeezed out of the business, there is less competition, prices go up.  Roberts not doing too well with the improving of health insurance markets.

"’GOP Pledges to Fight Tooth and Nail to Repeal Obamacare.’ It's a story that just cleared. Today! Today they're gonna ‘fight tooth and nail to repeal Obamacare.’ Well, whew! That's a relief. I feel better now.”  Ya, right, with Boehner and McConnell leading a bunch of Baal Capitalists in congress?

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