Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Baal Tyrant’s love of the Pope

Note: this post was deleted.

A Baal Tyrant’s love of the Pope

is similar to his love of the RINO.

He accepts differences in philosophy of the leader who will further his ideology even though some things are so anathema to what he truly believes.

In the case of the Pope, he will accept the Pope’s views on abortion and gay marriage as long as the Pope believes in Baal Tyranny (81796, 81738.2.2., 81710).

Budowsky is so effusive in his praise for the Pope:

“What better time than Christmas to turn our thoughts to Pope Francis, a voice for our generation and all generations.”

“Francis is the people’s pope. He is the most popular public figure in the world because the people know it!”

“The people’s pope, alone among world leaders, has directly and forcefully confronted institutions of finance, politics, media.”

“There is indeed a readiness for Francis from people of good will in every corner of the world.”

And of course, the reason for all this exuberance is that “when Francis teaches love and kindness toward the poor, he is challenging politicians who support cutting” back on the forced redistribution of wealth of countries’ citizens by governments, rather than saying that the church should help the poor.

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  1. Note: this post was in response to a response I got to post number 81907. The responder had suggested that I was the Baal Tyrant.
    ya, right
    I like Big Government, just like Obama and his friends, Francis, Fidel, and Raul.
    But seriously, if Pope Francis was driven by a Christ-informed desire to end conflict and bring people together in hope of greater prosperity, he would advocate for the following…
    Note: The post continued with CANON button Solutions.