Saturday, February 28, 2015

He’s at it again.


He’s at it again.

In my solutions to Obamacare, immigration, and anything regarding the Nanny State, (see CANON button Solutions), I always say “If the pope would turn from his Baal Socialism, his MASSIVE church could help a lot of poor people.”  I say that because of the pope’s often stated view that governments are supposed to force the redistribution of wealth of its citizens.

Now this:

“The main message from the pope’s homily involved being faithful to reject ‘inhuman’ economic policies that disenfranchise the poor and ‘the spirit of unbridled competition which generates selfishness and strife.’”

I’m sure I would disagree with him on which “inhuman” economic policies  disenfranchise the poor.
But I would like to focus on “the spirit of unbridled competition which generates selfishness and strife.”  What “unbridled competition” would that be?  That is not just a rhetorical question.  I would like anybody to answer that, but it would be particularly nice if tribulations answered it, because he is the one that is always saying there is no free market economy.
If the pope was preaching the right things, his flock would not be selfish when they compete legitimately against their competitors.

I contend that the problem with Baal (79354) being a monopoly and usurping the private market’s business (the Veterans Administration being a good example) is that there is no competition.  You have to have healthy competition to have a good product.  And it is not just Baal’s monopolies that are an impediment to the free market.  There is Baal’s cronyism with companies that are supposedly in the free market.  The problem with Baal Capitalism (79354) is that it undermines Non-Baal Capitalists so that they cannot compete.

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