Saturday, February 28, 2015

Conservatives: We have an opportunity!

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Conservatives:  We have an opportunity!

When was the last time an Oregon vote pushed somebody over the top in a national election?  We could actually be the deciding vote this time!  Don’t listen to the left-wing media.  Conservatives have a chance to vote John Boehner out of the speakership tomorrow!

I know, there are not many conservative representatives from Oregon

but momentum is gathering and we might not need that many to make the difference.  So for those of you that do have a conservative representative from your district, you should call your representative and tell him/her to vote out Boehner.  We don’t have to worry about Nancy Pelosi winning because an absolute majority is needed to win the election and the Republican majority is too large for that to happen.  After calling your representative, hold him/her accountable by noting who your representative votes for.  We need to continue the defeat of the Baal Tyrants that started with the November, 2014 election.

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