Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thank you, Sponge, for that post.

Note:  A poster named Sponge posted 80020  The Udall Amendment.  In that post, (referred to my 80020.1 post below), he quotes from an article that says “…the goal of Reid and Udall is not to expunge money from politics. Their goal is to expunge conservative money from politics—money that could be used against incumbents, money that could be used against them, money that could be used to organize and promote alternatives to the Hegelian god-state coming into being before our eyes. Their goal is no less than a silent coup, a renegotiation of the American social contract and the structure of the constitutional order, performed outside the public’s notice and without the public’s direct consent.”


Thank you, Sponge, for that post. 

I think your post refers to the amendment that George Will refers to in my post 79998.  You have a quote that refers to the Hegelian god-state coming into being before our eyes.

I was curious about “the Hegelian god-state”, so I clicked on the link that your article points to and that took me to Georg Hegel’s treatise on – so you can see where that’s going.  Reading Hegel’s words gives me a headache.  But what I can gather is, Hegel believed the State is the highest embodiment of the Divine Idea on earth and the chief means used by the Absolute in manifesting itself as it unfolds towards its perfect fulfillment.  Hegel's State has no room for the idea of individual rights; instead it provides an ethical underpinning for Tyranny. The State is an independent, self-sustaining, superorganism made up of men and having a purpose and will of its own.  True morality is expressed in and through the laws of the State that must be obeyed by the citizens of that State.  Liberty, the right to act rationally, consists in acting in conformity with the orders of the government.  The State has supreme right against the individual whose highest duty is to submit to the State.  Hegel calls for a tyrannical State that has absolute right over its component members precisely in order to attain maximum Liberty.
That sounds an awful lot like Baal Tyranny (79944) and my discussions regarding Liberty and Tyranny.  I’m excited to know that my description of this Federal Leviathan correlates with a famous philosopher.

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