Saturday, February 28, 2015

It’s all Obama’s fault

Note:  this post was in response to a post that included the quote below.  I think the post also said something about somebody blaming Obama for everything.


It’s all Obama’s fault

I see you have the Liberal Talking Points down:

“When I was growing up, there was a nice clean division between the good guys and the bad guys. Hitler was the ultimate bad guy. Or maybe it was Stalin. America won World War II, and we won the Cold War when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed. Policy choices were easy only in retrospect. The neat world of good guys and bad guys started coming apart with the Vietnam War.”

The problem is one of sequence.  The article seems to imply that the sequence is:

1)    America won World War II

2)    the Berlin Wall came down

3)    the Soviet Union collapsed

4)    the neat world of good guys and bad guys started coming apart with the Vietnam War

The problem with that is that it really was sequenced thus:

1)    America won World War II September, 1945

2)    the Vietnam War ended April, 1975

3)    the Berlin Wall came down 1989

4)    the Soviet Union collapsed December 26, 1991

You might say big deal, so what?

The big deal is that the neat world of the good guy came AFTER the Vietnam War.  The Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed because of Ronald Reagan, when he said “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” at the Brandenburg Gate (notice he wasn’t at a fundraiser).

Notice that before Reagan said those famous words, he said to  Gorbachev, “if you seek liberalization…”.  In post 78758. Good link., Sent said, “Liberalism is almost synonymous with goodness. It’s a big concept and trying to describe it adequately requires a whole library. All forms of liberalism are essentially concerned with freedom (from the latin Liber, i.e. liberty).  To which I replied in 78758. liberty, where Abraham Lincoln said that one man’s liberty is another man’s tyranny.  For that reason, from now on, I am not going to call the libs Liberals, I am going to call them Tyrants.  And I will call liberalism Tyranny.  Baal Tyranny.

After the “tear down” statement, Reagan said it would happen “because we remained strong.”  And that was the key:  Reagan believed in Peace Through Strength.

Instead of the Talking Points from the article, we should use Bill O’Baxter’s Talking Points Memo from last night, because it includes answers from Charles Krauthammer on what is wrong with Obama’s ideology.

Krauthammer points out that Obama went abroad and talked about the misuse of America power, he apologizes (then, he didn’t even apologize, he CONFESSES), talks about America’s sins, and maltreatment of, and disrespect of, and lack of regard for people.  This is a man that does not have faith in the goodness of what America has done abroad.  If America’s power is withdrawn, the world heals.  He has always had the view that American power abroad is destabilizing, often unjust, and brings back consequences.  It’s the basic element of his ideology, it’s almost a religious idea for him. Therefore, he believes, you withdraw our power, and the world improves.

Note the Baalism’s in Krauthammer’s speech:

he confesses

talks about America’s sins

does not have faith

a religious idea

he believes

Baal is a false god (see CANON button)

We need a Reagan Conservative – not a Baal Tyrant.

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