Saturday, February 28, 2015

Obama’s plan to bring down the USA


Obama’s plan to bring down the USA:

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  1. Note: this post was in response to comments made about me posting the video in 77017.
    I can see how some might see how Obama wants to destroy the country. As the video points out, he wants to fundamentally transform the country. He doesn’t like a free market economy, the best way to sustain the viability of the country. He has made comments about how the country is unjust and there is not enough equality. The trouble is, his solution to make everyone equal is to bring the whole country down to the same level.
    If it is not the case that he wants to destroy the country, I guess we can only assume the country is a mess because of one of 2 reasons:
    1) he is determined to continue his statist philosophy no matter what happens to the country
    2) he is just inept
    I know you want to continue to blame Bush for the state of the country, and I will not justify the debt that Bush put us under as pointed out in the video (500 billion a year). But the main reason the economy collapsed in 2008 was because of years of Democrats pushing their banking regulations that said that mortgages had to be given to people that could not afford to pay them back and that destroyed the mortgage lending industry which caused the collapse of the economy. The video shows how much Obama has added to the debt (1.25 trillion a year) and that is because of HIS statist policies – not Bush.
    The one graphic showing the problem
    (picture of Obama) liberalism
    (picture of Karl Marx) Marxism
    (picture of Hugo Chavez) Socialism
    (picture of Che Guavara) Communism
    is summed up by “The problem is statism” which seeks to cure society’s ills by taking money from the private sector and give it to the inefficient government that never stops spending.
    Conservatism IS calling. Please listen to what Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Ronald Reagan have to say about Conservatism on the video. This country would be so much better off if we would vote in Conservatives.