Saturday, February 28, 2015

bookmakers' favorite


bookmakers' favorite

“Since he became pope in March 2013, Francis has been a notable champion of the poor with incognito visits to homeless people and demands for development and wealth redistribution. The pope is the bookmakers' favorite but, after the fallout when President Barack Obama got the prize in 2009, awarding Francis the Nobel a year into his papacy might be too soon. If he did win, the Argentine would be the first head of the Catholic Church to get the prize.”

So.  The first pope to get the prize.  So why would a leftist organization that gave Obama the prize on the come give it to the most anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage leader in the world?  It must be the demand for wealth redistribution.

The pope and Baal Socialism is at number 2 below.

Note:  The post continued with CANON button Solutions.


  1. Note: this post was deleted from the Politics Forum.

    Worshipping Baal
    I’m not speaking for roonwit. However, since you are addressing my thread, and discussing the role of government in people’s lives, I feel a need to respond to your post.
    It would be correct to say that the modern view of government and current ideas and practices do not reflect God’s views. That is because the modern view of government is so far from the founders’ view of government.
    God hates Baal Worship. And the pope should know it. Remember the first commandment (see CANON button): Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Baal helping the poor causes the poor to worship Baal and to be dependent on Baal – not the true God.
    Baal has to steal (8th commandment) from the citizens in order to give to the poor. That does not bring glory to Christ – it just brings glory to Baal. The church giving of their free will brings glory to Christ.
    Baal Worship causes the utopian tyrants (politicians) to rise up and become priests of Baal. It causes ecclesiastical rulers (80523.1 Jefferson quote) to become prophets of Baal.
    It makes one wonder what the pope’s motivation is to demand that Baal steal from the citizens to give to the poor.

  2. Note: After 80523. was deleted, I posted this in response.

    Political Posting Perseverance
    "I always knew that one day God would bring the truth to the light."
    "No, no, I always forgave my enemies. Even your haters, you have to forgive them and sometimes you have to thank them because they bring you closer to God."

  3. Note: I posted this after someone responded to my 80536 post by saying something about that kind of thing never happening if there was a God.
    If things like this would never happen
    she would not be as close to God as she is (see her quote).
    We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28

  4. Note: I posted this after someone responded to my 80536.1.1. post by describing different possibilities of what kind of god that woman believes in.
    Her testimony
    Given her circumstances, I doubt that she would have the attitude she has if she did not know the one true God.