Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Utopian Pope


The Utopian Pope

Once again the pope is calling for utopia on earth to be brought on by the politicians of this world using leftist principles.

The pope’s letter starts with “The G20 agenda in Brisbane is highly focused on efforts to relaunch a sustained and sustainable growth of the world economy, thereby banishing the spectre of global recession.”  He speaks of the fundamental imperative of creating stable employment for all by more public spending and investment and regulation of the financial sector.

He later brings up his usual attacks on free enterprise with his quotes about “unbridled consumerism” and “the mentality that maximization of profits is the final criterion of all economic activity.”

He later says “Responsibility for the poor and the marginalized must therefore be an essential element of any political decision, whether on the national or the international level.”  What about the pope’s responsibility for the poor?  Has he abdicated that?

God hates Baal Worship.  And the pope should know it.  Remember the first commandment:  Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  Baal helping the poor causes the poor to worship Baal and to be dependent on Baal – not the true God.

Baal has to steal (8th commandment) from its subjects in order to give to the poor.  That does not bring glory to Christ – it just brings glory to Baal.  The church giving of their free will brings glory to Christ.

Baal Worship causes the utopian tyrants (politicians) to rise up and become priests of Baal.  It causes ecclesiastical rulers (Jefferson quote in the Baal Terms post) to become prophets of Baal.

It makes one wonder what the pope’s motivation is to demand that Baal steal from the subjects of the government to give to the poor.

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