Saturday, February 28, 2015

Baal Tyranny


Baal Tyranny

This article says “In recent years, many Democrats have sought to rebrand ‘liberalism’ and ‘progressivism.’   This is not just a cosmetic name change.  I think the name change should be to Baal Tyranny (see CANON button).

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  1. Note: this post was in response to a response I got to post number 79667.

    Baal Tyranny (79667.2)

    OK. So I went back and reread the article and my comments and your comments, and I’ve got to say it seems like your comments at 79667.2 are pretty much a non sequitur. About the only way I can see how your comments can relate to my comments is if you were trying to illustrate the 9th commandment (see CANON button) by intimating it is the tyrants that benefit the “underlings” when actually what they do is steal from them. Nevertheless, I will comment on what you said: “There’s only one law for the hard right. Billionaires good, underlings bad, Ugh!”

    One thing that was said in the article is that “Obama uses his pen and his phone to expand his power and unilaterally change immigration, health care, energy, and tax laws. These actions have met with the approval of liberals everywhere.”

    About the only thing I disagree with those statements is that they used the term “liberals” when they should use the word “tyrants”. Billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet do approve those actions. And they are noted leftists and Baal Capitalists.

    Regarding your “underlings”, if you are referring to poor people, I have already proposed solutions for them. These solutions benefit not only the poor, but everybody.

    Note: The post continued with CANON button Solutions.