Saturday, February 28, 2015

Is this why no show (82122.4)?

Note: this post was deleted several times.

This was in response to Rush Limbaugh not pursuing the “bishops not happy” discussion (see “bishops not happy” post below).


Is this why no show (82122.4)?

me: A Catholic gives her reasons for not attacking the pope:

“A war between conservatives and the Roman Pontiff would be rollicking good news from the standpoint of progressive liberals.”

“They’re baiting us. Be smart and don’t give them satisfaction.”

“What if they could incite a “war” between the GOP and the Vatican? That sure could help them persuade on-the-fence Catholics that hey, abortion, marriage, and religious freedom aren’t everything. Vote for the party that doesn’t hate the pope!”

“Inter-conservative disputes about the Roman Pontiff could provide a great distraction as we gear up for the next major election.”

“don’t blame me if you wake up the next day and find yourself gleefully quoted in Slate, Salon, and The Huffington Post. I warned you. With every stroke of bitter invective, you’re making their day.”

Me: Having giving those warnings, she does say some things that could be construed as attacking the pope:

“Catholic social teaching does not even remotely resemble Marxism. No matter where you stand on the American political spectrum, you will likely find some element of it challenging, but Leo XIII was no liberal Progressive. If you’re genuinely interested, I recommend just reading more on Catholic social teaching. If not, just take my word for it that Catholics don’t have to be socialists or supporters of big government, even in the age of Pope Francis. This is just a canard liberal Catholics like to use to justify their own inconsistencies.”

“It’s still possible to be a good Catholic without opposing any defining, central tenet of the Republican platform. The same cannot be said of the Democratic Party.”

Me:  Regardless whether or not Rush was silenced because of her reasons, I will not be stopped.

God hates Baal Worship (82104).  And the pope should know it.  Remember the first commandment (82104):  Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  Baal helping the poor causes the poor to worship Baal and to be dependent on Baal – not the true God.

Baal has to steal (82104 - 8th commandment) from its subjects in order to give to the poor.  That does not bring glory to Christ – it just brings glory to Baal.  The church giving of their free will brings glory to Christ.

Baal Worship causes the utopian tyrants (politicians) to rise up and become priests of Baal.  It causes ecclesiastical rulers (82104 Jefferson quote) to become prophets of Baal.

Catholic social teaching does not even remotely resemble Marxism (82180).  Catholics don’t have to be socialists or worshippers of Baal.

It makes one wonder what the pope’s motivation is to demand that Baal steal from its subjects to give to the poor.

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