Saturday, February 28, 2015

But you know that the plan


But you know that the plan

is for Single Payer.  And as the Cleveland Plain Dealer article (77704)  says “Americans who watch this story play out and fail to make the clear and obvious connection to Obamacare will be guilty of willful ignorance. The systemic flaw is identical.”  And peachies’ original point is the VA fiasco proves that government run healthcare is a disaster.

The alternative to the government running healthcare is the obvious:  the private sector.  The reason the government can’t run anything is because it has no competition.  The free market is what makes the economy work.  If you want a good product, you need competition.  It’s that simple.
Now, somebody is going to say you need the VA administration, hospitals, etc.  Why?  Why not move it to the private sector, along with all the other business enterprises the government has taken over?
As far as providing money to the vets for the medical service, I’m all for that.  That is one group the government should be supporting, because that is part of one of the things the government exists for – national defense.  So the vets should be provided vouchers or some sort so that they could go to doctors and hospitals in the private sector.
I notice that a lot of Obama sycophants in the media who always fawn over Obama on everything else are getting on the bandwagon blaming Obama for the VA mess.
I think the reason is, they want to defend their precious nationalized healthcare, and they want to make sure that is still around long after Obama is gone.

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