Saturday, February 28, 2015


Note:  this post was in response to a post touting Mark Hatfield, Tom McCall, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan as Republicans that the tyrant poster would think acceptable.  Note that this was posted before I started calling liberals tyrants.



1. Mark Hatfield – that makes sense

2. Tom McCall – that makes sense

3. Abraham Lincoln – it is ludicrous to include Abraham Lincoln in this conversation.  Government has changed so much in the last 150 years, if Lincoln were to look upon it today, he would think he was in a different country.  The federal government was never supposed to be like this – run by career politicians that dictate to the states and citizens what they can and cannot do.  And his state legislature in Illinois is vastly different with the relationship it has to the federal government.

4. Ronald Reagan – youtube “Ronald Reagan speeches”.  You will find hundreds of speeches with the same theme.  Contrary to what you and your lib friends want everybody to believe, Reagan sounds exactly like today’s Conservatives because the central theme is limited government.  That is the basic Conservative principle.

5. John Kennedy – youtube “Kennedy tax cut”.  That clip shows how Kennedy would be ashamed of the current Democrat party.

Libs have to constantly lie about history and everything because their ideology is so bankrupt, they can’t reveal what they are actually doing to the country.  It’s not just Obama, Reid, and Pelosi that constantly lie.  It’s every Democrat pushing their failed agenda.

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