Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rove’s Reasons

Rove’s Reasons

Of course, Karl Rove blames the Democrat money.  So he makes an appeal for Republicans to open their wallets.

But he also says, “With 47 days before the election, Republican candidates must do two things. The first is to make the case for electing someone new who will be a check and balance in the Senate on Mr. Obama and his agenda, rather than returning a Democratic loyalist who toes his line. The second is to offer a positive, optimistic conservative agenda to make independents who disapprove of Mr. Obama comfortable voting Republican. Both must be done while defending themselves.”

Well, duh!  If that is true, why did he fight so hard to get RINO nominated?  Of course, that is a rhetorical question.


  1. Note: I posted this after the response to 80101.1.1 asked for the conservative agenda.
    positive, optimistic, conservative agenda

  2. Note: I posted this after the response to 80101 said the conservative agenda is not positive or optimistic.
    Thirty years ago
    Let’s see – that would take us back to the ultimate Conservative. He had nothing but a positive, optimistic, conservative agenda.
    youtube “Ronald Reagan speeches”.
    That is what a true Conservative believes in. Not the faux(news)Rove conservatism.

  3. 80101.1.2.1.
    Somebody emailing my posts to Rush again?
    He says, “I'm getting panicked e-mails about the polling in state after state where it was thought there was gonna be a wave election. Somebody said, ‘Well, one of the reasons for that, Rush, is that the Democrats have much more money.’”
    Rush said, “I can remember back in the days, the Reagan years, it was exciting to be a Republican. We knew what we supported. We had a president and a political party that we knew was attempting to implement what we believed, and they were winning.”