Saturday, February 28, 2015

Contemporary Progressivism


Contemporary Progressivism

In 79667 and 79693, I touched a bit on contemporary progressivism which I think should be instead called Baal Tyranny (see CANON button).

This guy, Dennis Saffran, seems to be getting the idea of Baal Tyranny, he just doesn’t know it.  Maybe I should read Fred Siegel’s book (linked to in the article) to see if he recognizes it.  Saffran applies his ideas to Andrew Cuomo’s Baal Capitalism, but it can be applied to any of the Baal Tyranny of federal and state governments.

He says “Modern ‘progressives’ are not, as some economic conservatives would say, socialists. In fact, today’s so-called progressives are not even particularly progressive, at least in the usual sense of seeking to redistribute wealth from rich to poor. As Fred Siegel has noted, contemporary progressivism is an upper-middle-class movement that caters to the social libertarianism of coastal elites, while paying lip service to left-wing economic concerns. Even when modern progressives do support economic development, they often do so in ways that stand traditional progressivism on its head—redistributing wealth upward to favored industries.”

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